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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.- Why is NYGA interested in the development of Pier 5?

A-    It aligns with the core of our mission as a 501c3 nonprofit organization “to help the Boston Planning and Development Agency revitalize and enhance its public open spaces within the Charlestown Navy Yard… through planning, design, programming, and implementation for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.”


Q2.- What is your goal?

A – We want to pursue the potential for a bigger, bolder vision to imagine iconic spaces on the pier that include pubic art, exhibits and amenities that enhance this unique portion of our historic harbor front. We hope our efforts help to elevate the Pier 5 project, not diminish or shrink it, so there will be a positive outcome for all stakeholders in the Navy Yard and beyond.

Q3. -  Are you advocating for any particular developer to be awarded the project? 


A –     Not at this time. We are advocating for development of a project with a dynamic vision that will create unique outcomes and further our mission to revitalize and enhance open spaces in the Charlestown Navy Yard.  We are not advocating for any one of the three development proposals that have been submitted in response to the recent Request for Proposals (RFP) requested by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA).  Please see the links below for access to the BPDA and the three Pier 5 proposals.

6M proposal -   http://www.bostonplans.org/getattachment/054ad271-21dd-48a6-8c95-52bcd1f35f8a

Navy Blue proposal –  http://www.bostonplans.org/getattachment/e2f92b8a-db01-4a42-9eec-fe8453382999

Urbanica proposal –   http://www.bostonplans.org/getattachment/d1eb3a97-13a4-4607-8d7a-f6bf52cb9b8d

BPDA RFP -  http://www.bostonplans.org/work-with-us/procurement/rfp-listing-page?id=228

Q4.- How are you advocating for this overarching goal?

A4. –    Our board has invited each of the three developers to meet with us to provide further information and answer in-depth questions about their respective proposals.  Some of the topics covered in these meetings include, for example, details about their open space designs and public programming, building heights and visual impacts, traffic and parking issues, noise levels, disruption to Courageous Sailing on Pier 4. This information is being shared with neighborhood community organizations including Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard, Navy Yard Pier 5, Parris Landing Condo Association, Flagship Wharf Condo Association, and Constellation Wharf Condo Association


Q.5 – Are you meeting only with the developers and BPDA?

A -     We are meeting also to explore possibilities for collaboration with other nonprofit organizations such as The Trustees of Reservations (www.thetrustees.org), the Conservation Law Foundation (www.clf.org), and Boston Harbor Now (www.bostonharbornow.org). The Trustees is dedicated to preserving and sharing locations of exceptional scenic, historic and ecological value. The Foundation has a strong focus on climate change and protecting the fragility of the New England shoreline. Boston Harbor Now has as its sole purpose realizing Boston Harbor’s potential to benefit our city and region while partnering with public agencies, community leaders, businesses, and non-profits.

Q. 6 - How may I help in these efforts?

A -     As we gather more information we will share it with the community. In addition, you may also wish to visit another organization with valuable resources about the pier at www.navyyardpier5.org .

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