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Pier 5  RFP Process - Important Update

November 22, 2021

by Morgan McDaniel, Real Estate and Community Development Officer


We wanted to take a moment to share an update with you regarding the Request for Proposals (RFP) process for Pier 5.
First and foremost, we want to thank every community member and stakeholder for your participation in the process and for submitting feedback and comments to us. We greatly appreciate everyone's thoughtful input.
After a lengthy review and serious consideration, we have decided to reject all three proposals. We look forward to continuing the dialogue through further collaboration as we work together to determine the next steps for the Pier 5 site.
The goal of the RFP was to determine if a public-private partnership was a viable and appropriate option to allow the pier to be demolished and achieve a productive community-oriented and supported use at Pier 5. The three proposals we received took extremely creative approaches to the challenges posed by the site.  The BPDA is very grateful for the extensive time and effort each team took to respond. However, we have determined that they are not the right approach for this site at this time.

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Robin DiGiammarino, President               Nancy Krepelka, Treasurer           Donna Kenny, Clerk           Marian Tse, Assistant Clerk

Jules Pieri        Hallie Pinta     Terry Savage        Ruth Raphael, EX OFFICIO

Morgan McDaniel      

Real Estate and Community Development Officer
Boston Planning & Development Agency

22 Drydock Ave, Boston, MA 02210


Letter in Response to Pier 5 Proposals, March 31, 2021


Introduction & Vision

The Navy Yard Garden Association (NYGA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to revitalize and enhance open spaces in the Charlestown Navy Yard through planning, design and programming for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. Since our inception in 2017, we have worked collaboratively with stakeholders and sponsors on numerous projects including two major public arts exhibits, with a third permanent art installation planned for 2021. Our perspective in reviewing the three Pier 5 proposals is informed by our mission statement to enhance open space and our suggestions are brainstorming ideas that certainly need robust testing in the larger Charlestown community.

Fundamentally, we seek to elevate the conversation about the Pier 5 development from an “either-or'' argument into a collaborative effort involving the community, a developer, non-profit experts, and BPDA stakeholders to create a Charlestown Community Waterfront. Our nonprofit, over the past four years, has seen growing interest, participation and community support for the revitalization of open space and the addition of programming, plantings and public art. We believe the community at large has the motivation and interest to create a vision for an inclusive Charlestown Waterfront. 

Paul Murphy, Chief Communication Officer for the MGH Institute of Health Professions states:  "We support the Navy Yard Garden Association's comprehensive and collaborative approach to the issues surrounding the development of Pier 5".  This support reinforces our belief in the community’s readiness and motivation to engage on the issues.  

Charlestown Community Waterfront

Although the current RFP is focused on Pier 5 and the Pump House, the time is right to involve the community in creating a comprehensive vision and plan for the current RFP, as well as Piers 3 and 4, which are permanently designated for public space and use, rather than private development, but have not been imagined or maintained to achieve full public benefit. As currently configured, this core and central section of the Charlestown waterfront is suspended in time. There has been substantial public-private development work on the eastern end of the Charlestown harbor front extending from Spaulding Hospital to Pier 6.  We also anticipate a wonderful outcome in the National Park’s planned updates, extending westward from Pier 2 to the end of the park. Anticipating this successful National Park project and plans to upgrade the Visitor Experience, the glaring “hole in the middle” will be Piers 3 to 5, thus our vision for the Charlestown Community Waterfront.

We envision a future waterfront where Charlestown residents, workers, students and tourists arrive in the Navy Yard and opt to stay for a while to enjoy the view of the city skyline and to explore activities and public amenities designed to fit in the neighborhood.  Success means two things:

*Residents from all over Boston, especially the core areas of Charlestown, will have a true reason to spend a Saturday or weekday evening in the Navy Yard, with a full enough range of amenities and open space to engage people of all ages and life stages.

*On a future list of the top ten destinations in Boston, or on a Monday Night Football highlights reel, this area of our beloved waterfront will be included, because of the innovative development of public spaces, architecture, and/or iconic art.              


                                                                                                                                                                                                               Page 1 of 3   

Navy Yard Garden Association, Inc.  P.O. BOX 290525   Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129

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Pier 5

The Jewel of the Harbor

Jewel of the Harbor.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.- Why is NYGA interested in the development of Pier 5?

A-    It aligns with the core of our mission as a 501c3 nonprofit organization “to help the Boston Planning and Development Agency revitalize and enhance its public open spaces within the Charlestown Navy Yard… through planning, design, programming, and implementation for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.”


Q2.- What is your goal?

A – We want to pursue the potential for a bigger, bolder vision to imagine iconic spaces on the pier that include pubic art, exhibits and amenities that enhance this unique portion of our historic harbor front. We hope our efforts help to elevate the Pier 5 project, not diminish or shrink it, so there will be a positive outcome for all stakeholders in the Navy Yard and beyond.

Q3. -  Are you advocating for any particular developer to be awarded the project? 


A –     Not at this time. We are advocating for development of a project with a dynamic vision that will create unique outcomes and further our mission to revitalize and enhance open spaces in the Charlestown Navy Yard.  We are not advocating for any one of the three development proposals that have been submitted in response to the recent Request for Proposals (RFP) requested by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA).  Please see the links below for access to the BPDA and the three Pier 5 proposals.

6M proposal -

Navy Blue proposal –

Urbanica proposal –


Q4.- How are you advocating for this overarching goal?

A4. –    Our board has invited each of the three developers to meet with us to provide further information and answer in-depth questions about their respective proposals.  Some of the topics covered in these meetings include, for example, details about their open space designs and public programming, building heights and visual impacts, traffic and parking issues, noise levels, disruption to Courageous Sailing on Pier 4. This information is being shared with neighborhood community organizations including Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard, Navy Yard Pier 5, Parris Landing Condo Association, Flagship Wharf Condo Association, and Constellation Wharf Condo Association


Q.5 – Are you meeting only with the developers and BPDA?

A -     We are meeting also to explore possibilities for collaboration with other nonprofit organizations such as The Trustees of Reservations (, the Conservation Law Foundation (, and Boston Harbor Now ( The Trustees is dedicated to preserving and sharing locations of exceptional scenic, historic and ecological value. The Foundation has a strong focus on climate change and protecting the fragility of the New England shoreline. Boston Harbor Now has as its sole purpose realizing Boston Harbor’s potential to benefit our city and region while partnering with public agencies, community leaders, businesses, and non-profits.

Q. 6 - How may I help in these efforts?

A -     As we gather more information we will share it with the community. In addition, you may also wish to visit another organization with valuable resources about the pier at .

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