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December 10, 2019 2nd Annual Sing & Stroll

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

SING & STROLL ROUTE for Tuesday December 10th 7pm-8pm

STOp #1

Start at brick Amphitheater in Shipyard Park

Walk alongside the west wing of Flagship Wharf toward the harbor

Go up onto the big brick terrace facing the harbor at Flagship Wharf. SING

SToP #2

From brick terrace, go to 8th Street and continue down 8th Street to main entrance of Parris Landing. Enter lobby of Parris. SING

sTOP #3

Leave by main entrance of Parris Landing, down 8th Street to First Avenue. Turn right on First Avenue and continue to Shipway Place. Then turn right again, stopping by patio at Building 104. SING

StOP #4

Go back to First Avenue, turn right and continue to HarborView, 250 First Avenue for refreshments …and more singing!

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