WOW:Wind On Water

WBZ interview with Robin DiGiammarino, NYGA President   

The WBZ radio interview with Robin DiGiammarino about the WOW exhibit was featured on the program "WBZ New England".  The WOW segment aired on November 14, 2020.  Click on the link below to listen.

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WOW: Wind On Water Exhibit Featured on “Chronicle”, WCVB (ABC) TV 5 in Boston

Broadcast Monday, August 24, 2020 @ 7:30pm

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

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The past week- and really the entire summer - has been a wonderful time to head to the Navy Yard and catch the Wind On Water kinetic sculpture exhibit, a series of eight metal designs that move in the wind and invite folks to stop and enjoy.  Created by renowned kinetic sculptor Lynman Whitaker, the creations are mesmerizing and fun.  Here, one of the designs in front of DryDock #1 twirls in the wind on Monday. Meanwhile, Tess the dog found a comfortable spot to enjoy these shiny sculptures in Shipyard Park.

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Exhibit Signs Poppin’ Up ‘round Town!

Eye catching posters and signs for the WOW:Wind on Water sculpture exhibit are now on view at various bus shelters, public restroom stations, and on the side of buses throughout Boston. 

This exhibit is free and for public enjoyment throughout the coming year. It’s a safe, wonderful activity for the whole family during this time of pandemic regulations for mask wearing and social distancing. 

Come give WOW:Wind on Water a whirl!

Read What Neighbors Say About WOW: Wind on Water

RK:  "They look great!!  Congrats on getting them installed!"

IK:  "WOW! That’s great!  We have one of the spinners they have displayed in our place in New Hampshire." 

MP:  "They look great!"

DP:  "You and your team have done a wonderful job as usual. Thank you. The  WOW Wind on Water sculptures are spectacular."

PM:  "The sculptures look great!"

DT:- "Truly love the sculptures!!!"
AL - "Looks great! Thank you and your team for this exhibit."

PG :  "The Wind on Water sculptures are absolutely fantastic! I walk through the Navy Yard every day and admire them. They blend in so well with the environment and you get a different experience depending on the weather. I'm so inspired by them and can't wait to see them in all seasons. We are hoping these can be a permanent exhibition. Thank you for making the Navy Yard the best spot in Boston!"

KT : "So happy to see the beautiful addition to the Harborwalk. This will remind me to take a nice walk on my lunch break!!"

LR : "I just want to thank for the beautiful wind sculptures by Lyman Whitaker.  The first time I saw his work was in Santa Fe, NM and have loved it ever since.  I walk the Harbor Walk everyday and really appreciate the flowers and plantings as well."

NR: "This is such a work of art that came to the Navy Yard when we all needed something else to talk about. Everyone loves them. I am looking forward to viewing “Chronicle”. A big thank you to the Navy Yard Garden Association." 

BR: "Congratulations and a big  thank you to the NYGA and all involved!"


LS: "So exciting and just so beautiful!"

MP: "Awesome!  Thanks for all your organization does for the community."


DL: "Thank you so much for the WOW Wind on Water exhibit in the Charlestown Navy Yard. I enjoy looking at the structures as I walk along our water's edge. What a nice addition to our neighborhood, to cheer us up, especially during the COVID restrictions."

BM:   "Congratulations on the beautiful kinetic sculptures!"

​JTK:  "Walked by these down by the Yard yesterday. They're awesome to sit and experience. It's like magic.....I could barely feel the breeze... And, yet, they turned. Fantastic installation.”

​TB:  "Not only are the sculptures beautiful and fun to watch, they decide if I need a hat when I go for a walk.  Thank you for bringing it to us."

Charlestown Chamber of Commerce: "Mesmerizing to watch the wind sculptures against that gorgeous sky!"

​Kim Sell Boston:  "Just beautiful!"

LH:  "Need to add this to the list for our visit whenever it happens.  I love these wind sculptures."

KS:  "So pretty."

EB: "Lyman Whitaker's Wind on Water Sculpture is just magnificent. Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make this installation  possible. Well done to all members of the Navy Yard Garden Association!"