The Navy Yard Garden Association, Inc. shall help the Boston Planning and Development Agency revitalize and enhance its public open spaces within the Charlestown Navy Yard including Shipyard Park through planning, design, programming, and implementation for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Mission Statement, adopted March 8, 2018


In February 2017, a group of seven neighbors joined together to make a difference in their neighborhood. They formed the Navy Yard Garden Association, an independent volunteer organization focused on restoring waterfront gardens within the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston. The group set a goal to revitalize two gardens in the Navy Yard by June 17, 2017, a date by when the City of Boston, including the Charlestown Navy Yard, would host Tall Ships participating in SailBoston2017.

The group envisioned beautiful gardens by the harbor for visitors and neighbors to enjoy as they arrived to celebrate and participate in the weeklong international sailing event. Located near Piers 4 and 6, the two gardens were chosen due to their proximity to the harbor and their poor condition. The two beds totaled 2,400 square feet of dirt, rocks and tired plantings, an area equal to 55 king-sized mattresses that created a massively lackluster first impression for thousands of tourists, ship crews and TV cameras arriving in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

Through a letter-writing campaign and use of, an online giving platform, neighbors, local businesses and community organizations contributed to fully fund new gardens. Garrick-Santo, a local landscaping company, donated design plans. The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) donated labor and materials to remove old plantings and replenish the Rectangle Garden with new and fertilized soil. Local businesses posted decals donated by Charlestown salon Cut-Splice in their store windows as a show of support for the Navy Yard Garden Association. By early June, drip hoses, fertilizer, new soil, mulch, and 318 seaside grasses, perennials and shrubs were purchased and installed by Garrick-Santo. The gardens were ready to welcome visitors in the summer of 2017 and for years to come.


One hundred donors, including individuals, organizations and local businesses, contributed a total of $25,000 dollars to the success of this first effort by the Navy Yard Garden Association. Having met and surpassed the original financial goal, funds were used to add more plants in both gardens, to purchase signage, and install solar up-lights to showcase three graceful cherry trees within the Circle Garden. The group voted to use remaining funds to create a small reserve and, as possible, “seed” future projects.





The Navy Yard Garden Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  Regularly scheduled meetings of the board are held on the first Monday of every month. 

Officers and Directors

Robin DiGiammarino, President
Donna Kenny, Clerk

Nancy Krepelka, Treasurer
Marian Tse, Assistant Clerk

Jules Pieri, Director
Hallie Pinta, Director
Terry Savage, Director
Ruth Raphael, Ex Officio


Navy Yard Garden Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 290525
Charlestown MA 02129

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